Sri Lanka Transport Board launches new bus service from Aluthgama to Galle as railway line closed from today

Sept 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka Transport Board says that a new bus service has been launched from today from Aluthgama to Galle with the closure of the southern railway line between the two cities.

The rail service is halted from Aluthgama to Galle for six months from today for repairs on the rail line. Train services will be operated between Colombo – Aluthgama and Galle – Matara during this period.

Sri Lanka Transport Board Chairman S.M. Bandusena said that the number of buses would be increased according to demand.

It is expected that the train passengers will transit from Aluthgama to buses. The bus service is expected to benefit from the added passengers.

Few buses have been added so far for the destinations between Aluthgama and Galle.

The 54-kilometer railway track will be closed for upgrading under the condition that the construction will be definitely completed during the stipulated time frame.

The segment to be closed is a part of the comprehensive project for upgrading the coastal railway line from Colombo to Matara.

The Indian government has pledged US$ 167.4 million for the project. Indian Railway Construction Company Limited (IRCON) is entrusted with the construction.

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