Sri Lankan cricket in World cup 2011

4 Apr 2011

The 2011 cricket world cup ended with disappointment for Sri Lankan fans. There is a saying that “Winning has too many fathers while defeat is fatherless”. Still it is important to anlyse and identifies the mistakes made in order to rectify those in the future.
Bad team selection
It is critical that you play your best players in the world cup which is the ultimate competitive cricket! Unfortunately, Sri Lanka picked wrong squad and the ultimate panelty was payed in the final. In that senses, Sri Lanka deserve the defeat!!

It was always a question mark when Selection Committi decided to include Dilhala Fernado, Chamara Kapugedara, Chamara Silva and Tilan Samaraweera in the World cup squad. None of these players had made a considerable contribution to winning an ODI match in the recent past. It was crazy team selection from the beginning.

Let’s see ODI statistics of some of these players.

Name                          Matches  Runs   50s   100s   Avg     S/R
Chamara Kapugedara   87            1443     7        0     22.20   72.90
Tilan Samaraweera       53              862      0       2      27.80   69.20
Chamara Silva              71            1514     12      1      29.68   70.15

It is clear that Chamara Kapugedara is not good enough to play for world cup. His average is poor and not even scored a single century. Sri Lankan fricket fans have not seen a considerable contribution from Kapugedara, nor he is renowned for special talent.

Tilan Samaraweera is not a player for ODI !!. He is good test cricket player. He does not have enogh talent, versetality or guts for attacking ODI cricket. No wonder he mere became a cheer leader celibrating others succees on and outside the field rather than contributing to the team in reasonable extent.

Chamara Silva had failed in the recent past and out of form. It’s a tragedy that Aravinda de Silva and the othe selection commity could not find an alternative informed attacking batsman for the ODI squad.

Even Dilhara Fernando might have supprised hearing that he has been picked for World cup squad. When cricket loving community rightly criticized this selection, Aravinda de Silva came up with funny logics which he never applied when need arises. When reality was evident, even Aravinda was scared to use him when regular bowlers are injured!!!

Last minute crisis management
When Anjelo Mathews was injured the entire crisis burst up. The semifinal match exposed the incapability of middle order to the world. Suddenly the top order started feeling the extra burden.

Aravinda knew that picking players from his original world cup squad will tarnish his own image. So he opted for crisis management (Rather than proper upfront planningt) by calling Vass and Randeev from out side the squad directly to the final. It was all too late!!!

It is clear that Randiv should have been in original squad. It is natural that Randiv could not perform exceedingly well when he was suddenly put onto hot water in the final.

The middle order weak link is purly due to bad team selction. It would have even better to include player like Jayasooriy as a middleorder payer than using inexperience Kapugedara or defensive Samaraweera. Test cricket is all about attacking and positive playing and that is what we lacked.

Premature celebrations
When Sri Lankan team was selected for the final, the vicious marketing agents and petty politicians made a huge buzz pretending that Sri Lanka has already won. As previously discussed, the foreign companies with striving for profit have no love for our country. They mere cheered to grab the attention of cricket fans to fool them and sell their product and services. These foreign/multi-national companies were the leading false cheer leaders.

Cheering the team is one thing, but premature celebrations mere shows the stupidity of a nation!!

Some astrologers also exposed their true feathers fooled by the buzz of vicious marketing and stupid political elements.

Lets learn the lessons and change
The mistakes were mad and penalty is paid. It is time for the relevant authorities to accept the mistakes and let more competent people to hold the key responsibilities. Let the talent to perform. Facilitate their natural talent to boom rather than showing stupidity of bureaucracy. Then Sri Lankan cricket will boom.

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