Sri Lankan doctors want Indian doctors’ professional qualifications checked

July 19, Colombo: Sri Lanka Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) says that stern trade union action will be initiated unless the health authorities take immediate steps to verify the professional qualifications of the Indian doctors that work in private hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Presently, the GMOA says around 100 to 200 Indian doctors work in the private hospitals and there is no procedure to verify their professional qualifications.

The Secretary of the GMOA Dr. Chandika Epitakaduwa General told a media conference yesterday that that the majority of these doctors have no basic professional qualifications. However, they are engaged in treating patients and even in surgeries, the GMOA says.

GMOA has chided the Sri Lanka Medical Council, the College of Surgeons and the Health Services Director General Dr.Ajith Mendis for allowing registration Indian doctors with unrecognized qualifications to practice in some private hospitals in Sri Lanka.

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