Sri Lankan government accused of shirking responsibilities in school education sector

Nov 27, Colombo: People’s Movement for Protecting Schools in Sri Lanka says the government was attempting to burden parents with the school education system.

The Movement says that the budgetary allocations made for the school education was a clear indication of the government’s attempt to move out of its responsibilities in the sector.

Spokesperson of the Movement, Kasun Malinda notes that the government’s actions do not reflect the statements made by the Education Minister about making Sri Lanka a regional hub for education.

Malinda has said that the government’s programme to upgrade 1,000 secondary schools in the country would result in the closure of 3,000 schools, adding that the government has anyway failed to allocate funds required for the programme.

According to the Movement, the government has not taken steps to increase any of the financial allocations for important areas in the school education sector.

People’s Movement for Protecting Schools says that parents, teachers and students needed to come forward to safeguard the country’s education sector.

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