Sri Lankan government educate farmers on fertilizer subsidy

June 23, Colombo: In a bid to make the farmers aware of fertilizer subsidy mentioned in Mahinda Chintanaya future vision a meeting of the National farmers’ conference was held today (23) at Temple Trees under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Addressing the Farmers who came from all corners of the country, the President said the nation building is free from political interests and strengthening national economy of the country cannot be joined with mere politics.

Despite the criticism from some political parties, the government was able to continue providing the fertilizer subsidy successfully to the farmers at 50 kilogram fertilizer bag for 350 rupees, the President told the gathering.

Pointing out that the government has allocated a large amount of money to provide the fertilizer subsidy to the farmers, the President said Sri Lanka is the only country which provides such a concession for the fertilizer and maintains a static price in the free market.

Pictured here is the President handing over a fertilizer bag to a farmer as a token to mark the occasion.

(Photos by Sudath Silva)

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