Sri Lankan government to amend laws on packaging fresh produce within a month

Dec 18, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government is to amend the law on transporting fruits and vegetables in plastic crates within a period of one month.

Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA), Rumy Marzook says the gazette notification issued on the 12th making the transportation of fruits and vegetables in plastic crates compulsory would be amended within one month.

He has noted that the recent uproar over the regulation was due to the lack of plastic crates.

He said the regulations would be implemented again, but with amendments. “Everyone will get used to the new regulation with time,” Marzook has added.

According to the Chairman, those who do not have plastic crates could use cardboard or wooden boxes to transport fruits and vegetables.

The government implemented the new regulations to prevent the post-harvest wastage of fresh produce, which according to the government amounts to 15 – 20 billion rupees annually.

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