Sri Lankan group to release declaration against CEPA with India

June 14, Colombo: A group of professionals in Sri Lanka is to release a joint declaration against the proposed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and Sri Lanka.

The Maubima Lanka Foundation has organized the event in Colombo where a book titled “CEPA Epa” (No for CEPA) will also be launched.

A Spokesperson for the anti-CEPA group, Managing Director of Multichemi Group, Dr. Samantha Kumarasinghe has told the media that CEPA would cause serious harm to Sri Lanka.

He has said that the Indian authorities have consulted around 1,000 Indian economists on CEPA, but Sri Lanka has not done so.

Some Sri Lankan groups argue that CEPA benefits India more than Sri Lanka and would adversely affect Sri Lankan businesses.

However, some Sri Lankan economic experts say the dangers highlighted by the opponents to CEPA is imaginary and signing CEPA will result in huge opportunities for Sri Lankan professionals in one of the most attractive, high-growth markets in the world.

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