Sri Lankan NGO sends letters to foreign missions in the country calling to oppose resolution

Mar 04, Colombo: The Mawbima Lanka Foundation, a non-government, non-profit organization in Sri Lanka has sent letters to foreign missions in the country calling on them to oppose the US resolution against Sri Lanka to be tabled before the ongoing UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions.

The Foundation has said it considers it is their prime responsibility to raise a strong voice against what it sees as an extremely biased approach by the UNHRC headed by Navanetham Pillay.

“Whilst making these false charges against Sri Lanka that are alleged to have happened during a terrorist war against a democratically elected government in Sri Lanka, Ms. Navanetham Pillay completely ignores blatant human right violations in many other places in the World. Anyone who read newspapers can see the extent of human rights violations taking place in many countries in the World for which, Ms. Navanetham Pillay has no concern whatsoever. This clearly shows the vested interests of Ms. Navanetham Pillay and her continuing animosity against Sri Lanka,” the letter has stated.

“Sri Lankans have made heavy sacrifices for over 30 years and now shall be allowed to enjoy the peace that they have won by defeating the ruthless terrorists. Most of the Tamil civilians in North and the East of Sri Lanka are enjoying the peaceful developments that are taking place in their hometowns and will not like to see another war in their areas. In the recent past countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Libya have ended up in total chaos and innocent civilians are getting killed in large numbers every month for the sake of political and economic gains of a few other countries,” the organization has added.

According to the Foundation, Pillay and the Tamil Diaspora were attempting to destabilize the smooth running of Sri Lanka.

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