Sri Lankan President asks people to take a correct decision at the election

Jan 02 2015, Colombo: Faced with defections of his government ministers to the opposition, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has asked the public to take a correct decision at this election for the sovereignty of the country.


Addressing several election campaign rallies in Dehiaththakandiya and Girandurukotte areas in the Uva province the President said that there is a great responsibility for all to secure the unitary status of the country.

Stressing that the opposition common candidate is getting ready to cut down the benefits including fertilizer subsidy given to the farmers by this government, the President emphasized that no one should be allowed to ruin the indigenous and self-sufficient economy this government built in the country.
Addressing a rally in Ridimaliyadda area the President said the opposition candidate is planning to slash the number of public servants and it is a great injustice for the youths who are expecting to join the government service.


The President stressed that all citizens should be aware of their rights and vote wisely at the upcoming election.

(Photos by Sudath Silva Text Courtesy Colombo Page)

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