Sri Lankan students to create art wall to mark World Tourism Day

Sept 24, Colombo: Around 2,000 school students from 150 schools in in the Western Province of Sri Lanka will create a one kilometer long art wall in Colombo to mark the World Tourism Day that falls on September 27.

A tourism zone named ‘Road to Paradise’ will be declared from Uttaranda Mawatha to Perahera Mawatha in Colombo city where the main activities of the World Tourism Day are scheduled to take place beginning from tomorrow till September 28th.

The one kilometer long painting named ‘Colombo Wall’ will showcase the Colombo City in 10 years as seen through the eyes of the children.

The World tourism day main celebrations will be held around Beira Lake on September 27 and 28 with the contribution of all stakeholders related to travel and tourism industry. For the first time this year events have been planned outside of Colombo in other parts of the country to celebrate the day.

This year’s theme for the WTD, ‘Tourism linking Cultures’ as set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, mainly focuses on fostering awareness among the international community of the value of tourism and its cultural impact and to gain experience in understanding cultural diversity, tourism authorities say.

Among the activities planned are showcasing of cultural items unique to the country, food stalls by five-star hotels around the lake area, a laser light show and floats on the lake.

Also a first day stamp and cover will be issued by the postal services to mark the 2011 event.

Several programs, including career guidance workshops, focused on the youth considering the tourism potential in the country in the future are to be held.

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