Sri Lanka’s Attorney General says government would review Channel 4 footage ater LLRC verdict

June 12, Colombo: Attorney General of Sri Lanka, Mohan Peiris has said the government would review the Channel 4 video footage after receiving the verdict on its authenticity from the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

Peiris has been quoted in the local media saying that scientific evidence on the Channel 4 footage had been placed before the LLRC and more evidence was expected before it.

The LLRC is to issue its verdict after reviewing all the evidence placed before it.

According to Peiris, once the report is prepared, the Commission would hand it over to the President, who would then pass it to the UN Secretary General.

Channel 4 of Britain is to air the documentary titled “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” on June 14 for public view. The documentary was screened at the 17th session of the UN Human Right Council earlier this month.

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