Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry warns of a dengue outbreak and rabies menace

Nov 27, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry has warned the public of a possible outbreak of dengue due to the prevailing rainy weather and urged the public to keep their environments clean to prevent the breeding of the mosquitoes.

A Health Ministry spokesman said health and local authorities with the help of police will commence raids in the city areas from Monday (28).

During the 11 months of this year, 22,926 suspected dengue cases and 163 deaths have been reported to the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry from all over the island.

Approximately 57.5 percent, 13,100 of the reported dengue cases were from the Western Province.

The Epidemiology Unit warns that the situation warrants regular removal of possible mosquito breeding sites from the environment.

Meanwhile, the health authorities also warned of a possible rabies menace as the number of rabies cases are reported to be on the rise.

The Health Ministry attributes the rise in rabies to the number of stray and pet dogs roaming the streets and urges the owners to of pet dogs to keep the animals restrained to prevent them from roaming streets to attack people.

In Sri Lanka 50 to 60 deaths occur due to rabies, mainly due to exposure to infected dogs.

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