Sri Lanka’s Indian origin Tamils ask for more representation in a solution for ethnic problem

Nov 13, Colombo: Sri Lanka government MP Prabha Ganeshan says that he has written to the United States Embassy urging to also consult the Upcountry Tamil leaders in deliberations for a solution to ethnic problem.

He points out that the Indian origin Tamils need a bigger share of representation in a proposed solution.

Ganeshan who is the crossed-over brother of Democratic People’s Front leader Mano Ganeshan says that now the Indian origin Upcountry Tamils have exceeded the number of Sri Lankan Tamils.

According to him, the Indian origin Tamil population is around 1.6 million whilst the Sri Lankan Tamil population is around 1.5 million.

He says he has requested from the leader of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress to lead the Indian origin Tamils.

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