Sri Lanka’s Jan-Aug exports reach $6.9 bln, industries & agro drive earnings

Sri Lanka’s export earnings from January to August 2011 climbed to US$6.9 billion, up 28.6% compared to the corresponding period in 2010, according to the Exports Development Board under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The improved export performance was driven by industrial products [35.9%] and agricultural products [13.6%] despite the other major sector, fisheries registering a drop [-15.3%] in performance, it said.
Petroleum products [166.3%] and ships boats [117.0%] led the industrial sector’s January – August earnings. Textiles and garments contributed 39.5% to the total export earnings and have increased by 27.4%.

Other top gainers in the industrial sector are rubber finished products [increased by 69.2%], food, beverages and tobacco [41.6%], non-metallic mineral products [38.8%], leather products [36.3%], wooden products [31.6%], electrical, electronic machinery [27.04%], diamonds, gems jewellery [24.9%], chemical products [22.8%], paper paper products [11.5%], plastic products [14.7%], base metal products [12.4%], and footwear [5.6%]. However earnings from transport equipment and parts [-11.2%] have registered a negative performance.

The Ministry said within the agriculture sector earnings from coconut kernel products increased by 87.3%, followed by natural rubber [46.9%], essential oils [46.1%], coconut fibre products [27.9%], spices [24.5%], cut-flowers foliage [17.8%], vegetable [16.2%], fruits [14.0%]. Even earnings from tea increased by 3.1%.

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