Sri Lanka’s Marxist party union weary of the kerosene subsidy to estate workers

Feb 20, Colombo: The All Ceylon Estate Workers’ Union (ACEWU) affiliated to Sri Lanka’s Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) of Sri Lanka says the kerosene subsidy promised by the government to the estate sector workers would not be an effective method to address the current issue.

The ACEWU notes that subsidies that have been previously promised by the government have not been effective.

Head of the Union, Ramalingam Chandrasekar noted that the flour subsidy, promised earlier by the government, was not properly distributed among the estate workers.

He observes that the government has come up with the proposed kerosene subsidy due to the massive protests against the increase in fuel prices.

Chandrasekar last week told the media that the estate workers were the least privileged group in the country and suggested the government to grant them a kerosene subsidy.

The government commenced a fuel subsidy programme yesterday and under the programme each household without an electricity supply is provided with a Rs. 200 monthly subsidy for kerosene.

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