SriLankan urges passengers to call six hours ahead to know flight schedules

May 24, Colombo: Due to the emergency situation in Europe created by the erupting Icelandic volcano, Sri Lanka’s national carrier SriLankan Airlines urged the passengers to call ahead before departure to the airport.

The carrier requested the passengers to call a hotline number 1979 and enquire about the flights schedules six hours in advance.

However, SriLankan announced that the flights bound for London Frankfurt, Paris, Rome and Milan will leave at the scheduled time.

SriLankan further said that a contingency plan will be laid out to fly to alternate airports, in case Iceland’s volcanic ash clouds spread further into Europe.

The ash from the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland that began erupting on Saturday has forced the aviation authorities to cancel flights across northern Europe.

According to an Associated Press report between 200 and 250 flights had already been canceled, and authorities have warned that up to 500 flights could be affected.

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