Stern action against illegal constructions on Sri Lanka’s beaches

Oct 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka Coast Conservation Department has decided to take stern action against the illegal constructions on the beaches of the island.

The Coast Conservation Department will impose fines from Rs. 500 to 25,000 on the owners of the illegal constructions. Further Rs. 1,000 to 5,000 fines per day can be imposed if the owners of the constructions continue to maintain them, the Director General of the Department Anil Premaratne told media.

The cost for the removal of the illegal constructions is also to be charged from the owners of such constructions.

The Director General has said that the majority of the illegal constructions on beach is reported from the Southern Province.

The Department would take measures to prevent activities like sand mining and land filling close to waterways etc. also, said the official.

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