Talks on electrical cars fall through

electrical cars

Discussions between the Vehicle Importers’ Association of Lanka and Finance ministry officials over the importation of electric vehicles (EV) have fallen through, reports say.

Though the importers have made several relief requests from the government, the ministry had not responded favourably, reports add.

The importers’ chief requests have included reduction of the prevailing 38% import tax slapped on these cars to 10% as well as the introduction of an interest relief scheme through Banks for customers to purchase solar powered domestic chargers for these cars.

They have also requested to impose a power charge relief in fuel stations from 11.00pm – 5.00am as well as assistance to set up a network of charging centres in 50 Ceypetco fuel stations around the country.

(The proposed charging equipment takes only 04 minutes to charge and the car can travel around 160 km after being charged once.)

Noting that these charging equipment can be brought in from Japan, they have requested for tax relief while importing as well as relief while obtaining the annual revenue license.

However, the Finance Ministry was reportedly not keen about promoting these cars in the country.

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