Tamil migrant should be deported for shooting captured Sri Lankan soldiers, Canadian IRB told

Apr 20, Vancouver: Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has told the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to deport a Sri Lankan Tamil migrant arrived in the MV Sun Sea for his role in the shooting of captured Sri Lankan soldiers.

The Tamil migrant, identified only by a number, has been accused of war crimes for ordering to shoot the Sri Lankan soldiers brought to the area controlled by the Tamil Tiger terrorists Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board for an admissibility hearing Tuesday.

According to a report in the Globe Mail, the man has told the IRB through a translator that the LTTE called for any Tigers carrying weapons to come forward when they brought the soldiers but he ignored the call and walked away because he feared the soldiers were about to be killed.

But Kevin Hatch, CBSA’s hearing representative, has questioned his version of events and pointed out that in an interview the man had with Canadian officials he has said that he told people behind him “to go,” suggesting he ordered others to heed the call, the report said.

During questioning by his lawyer, the migrant has denied that he ordered anyone to shoot the soldiers.

The hearing is to be resumed on Thursday Morning.

The Tamil migrant is one of the two refugee claimant from the MV Sun Sea to face the IRB over allegations of war crimes. He has been held at a Maple Ridge jail since he arrived in Canada. If he is found to be involved in the criminal activity, he would be deported.

The MV Sun Sea, a Thai cargo ship modified to accommodate people reached Vancouver in August 2010 with 492 Tamil asylum seekers on board.

Canadian federal government authorities have accused 32 asylum seekers aboard the MV Sun Sea of having links with Sri Lanka’s vanquished terrorist group LTTE.

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