Tamil Nadu Chief Minister moves resolution demanding economic sanctions against Sri Lanka

June 08, Chennai: The Tamil Nadu legislative assembly led by the new Chief Minister J Jayalalitha unanimously moved a resolution Wednesday demanding the Indian government to impose economic sanctions against Sri Lanka until the Tamils are given equal rights and bring war crimes charges against those responsible.

The Chief Minister moving the resolution against Sri Lanka said only economic sanctions will hurt Sri Lanka’s economy and force the Sri Lankan government to listen to their demands.

Jayalalitha said Sri Lanka did not heed the global opinion when it came to the Tamils issue, and demanded the central government to press the United Nations to declare those responsible for the genocide against innocent Tamils as “war criminals”.

“Only economic sanctions, imposed by India and other countries, would rein in Sri Lanka,” she said adding that “Only then would Sri Lanka listen to what we say.”

The resolution called the central government to take necessary steps to convince other countries to impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka.

The Chief Minister criticized her predecessor M. Karunanidhi, who was defeated at the recent state assembly elections, saying that he only wrote letters when it came to the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Jayalalitha strongly highlighted the Sri Lankan Tamils issue during her election campaign.

After winning the elections last month, Jayalalitha demanded the central government to declare Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa a “war criminal” for the “genocide” of Tamils.

In her victory speech after her landslide win for Tamil Nadu assembly, Ms. Jayalalitha said after she takes over as the Chief Minister she would exert pressure on the central government to bring President Rajapaksa to the International Court on charges of war crimes.

The resolution unanimously passed today in the assembly also called for all displaced Tamils to be returned to their original homes.

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