Tamil Tigers would have been proud of Channel 4 documentary – Tehelka article

Sept 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s vanquished Tamil Tiger terrorists would have been proud of the documentary produced by Britain’s Channel 4 on Sri Lanka’s war, says a renowned terrorism expert in an exclusive to Tehelka, the investigative news magazine of India.

Describing the documentary titled “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” as “Clearly an effort to sensationalise and shock with carefully selected and edited footage,” the writer, Shyam Tekwani, says ” the documentary weakens its case and invites an investigation into its own credibility and accountability to journalistic norms.” .

Tekwani, an Associate professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, a United States Department of Defense academic institute in Honolulu, Hawaii says that the documentary, “in its attempt to provide a stomach-turning narrative….is on shaky ground.”

Referring to the book “The Cage: The fight for Sri Lanka the last days of the Tamil Tigers” by Gordon Weiss, the spokesperson and communications adviser attached to the UN team in Colombo during the years that included the end of the war, the writer says Weiss tries to translate the most sensational event of the past two years in Sri Lanka – the military defeat of the LTTE – into humanitarian and war crimes terms. .

“The book contains faults and contradictions,… Weiss’s effort at doing his homework well fails at the most elementary levels,” the author concludes. .

“Both, book and documentary are produced with a crusader’s zeal. Although profoundly moving and rich with detail, victim narratives cannot replace rigorous large-scale analyses,” the expert says.

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