Tensions erupt in Sri Lanka town after suspect in police custody dies

Sept 30, Dompe: Tensions erupted in Dompe, a town about 35 miles east of Colombo, this morning when residents attacked the police station after a suspect in police custody died during an escape attempt.

Police Media Spokesman SP Maxi Proctor said the situation is under control now and the elite police Special Task Force (STF) police have been deployed to maintain the law and order.

Reportedly a suspect arrested by the local police has escaped from a moving vehicle and died while he was taken by the police to a location to recover some stolen property.

The residents incensed by the death have attacked the police and set fire to police vehicles. Some reports said a fire engine that came to douse the fires was also attacked.

The police spokesman said the exact circumstances that led to the death of the suspect are not known and the Inspector General of Police N.K. Illangakoon has ordered the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to conduct a full investigation into the death and the residents’ attack on the police station.

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