Thanksgiving to NGO culture and Brickbat to Our Man at UNO

Local NGOs’ heavily funded by foreign currency, express worthy textbook homilies on transparency, accountability, humanitarian concerns and good governance, aspects that require genuine attention in a country where there is a need for an urgent revisit for a revision on the present revulsion against such infirmities.

The need is for genuine watchdogs and not pretentious lap dogs that bark for juicy bones on offer by their foreign master-sirs. Sound of such a lame dog barks, is treated locally on par with suspect rabid animals sequestered on quarantine after a stint abroad. They bark, as if, in bewilderment at the sight of dark faces after being cozy in the company of whites. 

The cures prescribed by the foreign funded NGOs’ are not to further national aspirations but for the inspiration of their yahoos in the west, whose power of attorney they hold locally. Whether it clashes with the ethos and tenets of local people and interests of the country are not their concern. They may diagnose the ailment correctly but prescribe the medicine incorrectly; are taken for quacks for making Sri Lanka a patient-results in damaging their own cause and making NGOs’ carry a foul brand name.

On the prime national concern of terrorism- when it was obvious the negotiation process was a dead duck and the LTTE mind set was not for conflict resolution [peace talks meandered for a period of 21 years with no positive progress intermittently from 13 July 1985 at Timphu to 28.October 2006 at Geneva]-yet the local NGO community were adamant for the continuation of a mock peace progression and prolong the agony of terrorism. That was on the alien agenda. The military option was discarded, as it was anathema to their foreign stakeholders.

They looked pathetic after a successful war, that brought a lasting peace that their peace seminars with buffet luncheons and conflict resolution symposiums with high teas, proved a mere gulp time for the mentally disoriented. In silence but more in shame, they burrowed underground for a while to resurface with Moon’s war panel report, G.L. Perris’s 13+ building block and channel 4 blockbusters. They are back in business enhancing their reputation of peddling issues to disgrace a nation. Don’t fault if they are binned like soiled toilet paper. At least, apply a detergent and now come clean. They have credible functions to perform.

That’s one side of the coin. They unwittingly serve the national cause by making moderates swing in the opposite direction by their perennial vitriolic ‘hate Sri Lanka’ campaigns that any utterance by them is counter productive to its purpose and intent. No response or resort is required as the NGO related individuals are over identified as servile sycophants in search of perks and perquisites from hostile foreign agencies that are bent on harming the image of Sri Lanka.

When sources outside the foreign funded NGO circuit such as worthies in the media and intellectual community, criticize or protest vehemently, on the same grounds it is effective-and is not considered anti national-rather a pronouncement for due consideration. Their hip pockets are not bulging and their bags are not packed for foreign travel. On a personal level it matters not what they do, as long as baiting the nation is not on their card.

Individual names -more than the NGO organizations they represent- are known and identified in the public domain as being pathologically anti national- a mere by line carrying such a name is sufficient to destroy the cause they propel. Their  names are branded in the public eye like the lettering of the ownership carved on the hides of village cows and bulls –such is the public recognition accorded to those that promote NGO culture for the Yankee dollar.

The service they render on cause for which much time energy and money, is worth a fortune to those that propagate contrary opinion, safeguarding national interest, as it brings instant favourable results without effort or sweat-by the mere drop of a tarnished name.  Very few care to safeguard treacherous acts of Lord Haw Haws in our midst desirous to smudge the country repute for a fistful of dollars. That is the unintentional bonus they provide to patriotic causes. May their tribe increase and multiply!

Sadly, beneficial homilies NGOs’ urge are buried beside the muck dump spread used in discrediting the nation.

Palitha Kohona as Secretary to the Foreign Ministry was held in esteem ahead of his then Minister. He was a good communicator with smart responses during the difficult days of the war. Presently External Ministry is rudderless and probably that made the ormally astute Kohona stray wildly to pay a glowing tribute to Ban Ki-moon, after the immense damage Moon did to Sri Lanka; it sure will endear Moon to Kohona rather than to Sri Lanka, in his second term of office after Moon was mercilessly punched in Colombo. To be in the Moon corner, brings rich dividends but the uncalled for character certificate issued, compromises Sri Lanka on doublespeak. It’s the country that counts, not the individual glory, as the opposition would correctly say.

But our man at the UN had to say [of Moon] “strongly reflecting Asian recognition of and the confidence in Ban ki-moon’s unobtrusive style of leadership, his distinctive Asian approach to problem solving, his quiet diplomacy, his dedicated search for solutions to problems affecting humanity, in particular in developing countries and his hard work”[source: Talif Deen in a Sunday newspaper]. Is it to disregard the harm done by a panel and a report published, when the official position was far removed from “his distinctive Asian approach to problem solving “or “his dedicated search for problems affecting humanity, in particular in developing countries”. After taking high ground and sparring on a punching bag, this sounds impliedly- ruefully apologetic and indirectly-diffidently repentant.

President Rajapaksa, successfully negated the Indian incursion into domestic affairs after the monumental blunder in New Delhi on 13+, then to find comments to contradict the perception on Moon. Has the President in the midst of his multifarious functions to personally train our diplomats, in his front lawn?

 As committed Asians, to show preference for an Asian rather than for a Caucasian candidate endorsed by the West is understandable diplomatic tiptoeing to toe line with the nonaligned Afro Asians. To vote for the lesser evil is prudent but to issue such a rich character certificate, is it personal to the contributor?  White House declared so, after the military symposium in Colombo at which their officer commented.  To do nothing is the comfort zone in which the Foreign Office permanently relaxes. This is an official- not a ministerial –obligation to safeguard our self -respect with a consistent stand.

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