There are positives and negatives in a Partnership Agreement….

There are positives and  negatives in a Partnership Agreement

The Minster of Industries Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen, has said that  there are similarities in the products manufactured within the SAARC region and  does not enhance our export earnings. It is true with regards to products, but  the service sector which has a competitive edge within the SAARC needs promotion  to compete within the region. Sri Lanka can promote stable outsourcing under a Partnership Agreement with the neighbors. As once expressed by the Minister of Power Energy our professionals would benefit immensely under a partnership agreement for service exports with India. We have the best service providers who can compete in the Region in Architecture, Hospitality Management and  Educational Services having exposure for nearly 500 years of foreign domination.

In reality our minds are trained in the Western Standards and  with the spread of IT our literacy can reach the zenith in this century. We can be considered a nation who has the capacity to compete in services in the Globalization programme.

Unfortunately we are behind times with some line State Agencies responsible for upgrading these sectors are dysfunctional or willfully remaining non functional.

We have to identify these core economic agencies and  motivate them to work. The  Export Development Act enacted in 1979 for promotion of export of tangible goods  is now obsolete and  needs to be revised in the context of the new economic boom  that is emerging under Mahinda Chintana.

There is no provision for outsourcing services under the protection of the legislation.

The founders of the free economy advocated that we have to either export or perish.

We need not perish if we open  our service sector to the world. We have almost done nothing to upgrade the service sector. Not even have we  a database for service outsourcing in Sri Lanka.

There are positives and negatives in a Partnership Agreements. There are several Senior Ministers who can contribute a lot to make a study and make recommendations on the complicated provisions in a partnership Agreement.

 Bandula Nonis

Discipline of our roads

As a driver on the roads of Colombo it is very clear that the 2 wheelers and the 3 wheelers are a menace. They make it difficult for us to drive. The presence of these vehicles is a sign of our times –an open economy. 

Once upon a time Lee Kwan Yu wanted to build Singapore with Sri Lanka  as a model. Later on J.R. Jayewardene wanted to build Sri Lanka with Singapore as a role model. Singapore controls and limits the intake to Colleges like Medicine and Law. This is because of the law of demand and supply. On the other hand our economy is very open and at Peradeniya the University begun by Sir Ivor Jennings and declared open to be more open than usual is always closed because of the current problem between the Government and Universities.

Over to all in Mother Lanka who treasure discipline and values.

Sydney Knight

Zebra Crossings even in by lanes will minimize accidents

When I walking towards Bambalapitiya from Geetanjali Place yesterday afternoon, I noticed that at the entrance to all these by roads and by lanes -Edward Lane, School Lane, Temple Lane, Alfred House Avenue (which are on the landside of Galle Road), pedestrian crossings have been painted by the Colombo Municipality. Alfred House Garden which leads to the British Council library also now has a pedestrian crossing at the Galle Road entrance. At the entrance to Schofield Place which is on the sea side, a pedestrian crossing has been painted. These were not there prior to making Galle Road one way and the Municipality should be commended for being proactive and for the above initiative to curtail accidents.

This is indeed a good move and if pedestrians use these crossings accidents no doubt can be avoided to a large extent. Motorists lives will be made easy if all the road users make use of the crossings at all times and the motorists do equally comply by stopping at  a these points to facilitate crossing.

Mohamed Zahran

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