TNA demands are not those of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka

Jan 12, Colombo: Child Development and Women’s Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka Tissa Karalliyadde says the powers demanded by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) would not address issues faced by the Tamil people in the country.

Karalliyadde has said the TNA was seeking powers to the Northern Provincial Council that have not been given to any other provincial council in the country.

Speaking during a tour in Jaffna in the North, the Minister has noted that it was important to understand the normal lives of the Tamil people in the North and act accordingly to address their problems.

According to Karalliyadde, there was no point in being set on one ideology and keep demanding for it without addressing the practical issues.

He has noted that the TNA should understand the real needs of the Tamil people and work towards winning them.

“There is no consensus in the talks because the TNA demands are not what the Tamil people need,” Karalliyadde has emphasized.

Some senior members of the government say the TNA is making impossible demands to make it difficult for the government to continue the talks but the government is keeping options open to resolve the problems of the north and east by discussions.

The two main demands of TNA, the re-merger of North and East and land and police powers to the provinces, were also the demands of the Tamil terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), political observers point out.

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