Tourists to Sri Lanka increase by 67% in April from a year ago

May 12, Colombo: Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka increased by 67 percent in April this year in comparison to last year, this was stated in the monthly statistics released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

38,300 tourists arrived in Sri Laka in April 2011 while for the first four months of 2010, the number of arrivals registered 278,959, a 40.4% increase over the previous years’ total of 198,709.

Since the three-decade long ethnic conflict ended in May 2009, the number of tourist arrivals has increased steadily. The Sri Lanka still has a long way to go and has to face challenges of economic downfall in the world but the numbers are a positive sign.

Last year 654,476 tourists visited the country and the tourism authority predicts arrivals to hit a new record of 700,000 this year. The government of Sri Lanka expects to raise the number of arrivals to 2.5 million by 2016.

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