Trade unions ask Sri Lankan government not to suppress workers fighting for their rights

May 28, Colombo: Trade unions currently engaged in protest campaigns against the proposed private sector pension scheme have called on the in Sri Lankan government not to suppress and harass employees fighting for their rights.

The Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) affiliated private sector trade union wing, the Inter Company Employees Union (ICEU) said the workers would continue with its agitation campaign until the government withdrew the proposed pension scheme for the private sector.

Head of the ICEU, Wasantha Samarasinghe says that employees in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) have been prevented from participating in protest campaigns yesterday by over 1,000 police and STF personnel.

Employees from the Katunayake FTZ on Tuesday held a massive protest against the proposed pension scheme that finally resulted in several employees being arrested and later released by the police.

According to Samarasinghe, the trade unions would resort to severe union action if the government passes the bill in parliament. He said that private sector employees would march to Colombo with their families and would not leave until the scheme is withdrawn and they are presented with a better pension scheme.

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