Tsunami rumors affect public services in Southern Sri Lanka

Apr 19, Galle: Spreading rumors regarding possible tsunami has affected the public service of Sri Lanka, reports from the Southern Province say.

Despite government’s repeated pleas not to be misled by rumors since the tsunami early warning systems are well functioning, the District Secretariat of Galle also has initiated precautionary measures affecting public service in response to a false tsunami warning.

Galle District Secretariat has relocated the computer unit for issuing birth certificates to an upper floor from the ground floor where it was previously located. The shift has affected the services throughout yesterday.

Residents of coastal areas of Galle also moved to safer grounds and the boats in some fishing harbors were brought to land and tied safely.

Media reports on an unrecognized method of predicting earthquakes, developed by a group of teachers of University of Peradeniya, resulted in the rumors creating panic among the people in coastal areas of Sri Lanka.

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