UN human rights chief calls for an international mechanism to monitor Sri Lanka’s compliance with Expert Panel recommendations

May 30, Geneva: Addressing the 17th Session of the United Nations Human Right Council in Geneva today, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called for an international mechanism to monitor Sri Lanka’s own investigations into the accountability during the war against Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Referring to the report of the UN Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on accountability in Sri Lanka during her address the High Commissioner reminded to the Council that there are credible allegations of a wide range of serious violations of international law committed by both the Sri Lankan Government forces and Tamil Tigers in the final stages of the conflict.

Ms. Pillay said it is incumbent on the Sri Lankan Government to investigate these allegations and urged the government to implement the measures recommended by the Panel.

“I fully support the recommendation to establish an international mechanism to monitor national investigations and undertake its own as necessary,” Pillay said encouraging the Council to reflect on the new information contained in the report, in light of its previous consideration of Sri Lanka and efforts to combat impunity worldwide.

Sri Lanka has rejected the UN report saying that it is fundamentally flawed and based on patently biased material which is presented without any verification.

Pillay, came under severe criticism from friendly counties of Sri Lanka including India when she called for an inquiry into abuses in Sri Lanka’s civil war after such a move backed by the western countries failed to garner support at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2009.

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