UN should not complicate Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process – Russia

Apr 21, Colombo: When Sri Lanka is healing from the 30-years long armed conflict, the United Nations must render assistance, not complicate the reconciliation process, The Russian government has said in their remark on UN report for Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Sri Lanka Valdimir P.Mikhaylov has made these remarks during a meeting with Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at the Ministry on Wednesday (20th April 2011).

“We believe that now, when Sri Lanka healing its wounds after long armed conflict, the UN may render its assistance, if needed, and not to complicate the process of reconciliation. Our representative to the UN in New York recently reconfirmed this position,” the Ambassador has said.

The Russian diplomat has said that the report, handed over to the UN secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by the Panel of Experts appointed by him to probe Sri Lanka’s accountability during the last stages of the war between the government forces and the Tamil Tiger terrorists, is not a “UN report”.

“We speak not about a ‘UN report’, since it was prepared neither by a UN body or nor even by its request. It was just a personal initiative of the UN Secretary General,” Mikhaylov has said.

“We should be more precise in definitions not to mislead public,” he has added.

The Ambassador has said that the Russia’s position on the matter was made public by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in its press statement on June 24, 2010.

The statement criticized the UN Chief for not asking the opinion of the Security Council or the General Assembly on this matter before appointing the panel.

“What also makes us cautious is the fact that this decision was taken without regard to the position of a sovereign state and a member of the UN, Sri Lanka,” the statement said last year.

The Ambassador has criticized the Panel’s actions saying that the Panel of Experts went beyond its task, at least as it had been made known to Russia’s representatives of New York.

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