Unemployed graduates in Sri Lanka says budget failed to provide the promised jobs

Nov 22, Colombo: Unemployed graduates in Sri Lanka say the government has failed to provide the promised 14,500 jobs through the Jana Sabha programme and the employment of 30,000 development officers in the 2012 budget.

The Combined Association of Unemployed Graduates (CAUG) notes that 42,000 odd unemployed graduates have been waiting for the allocation of funds to grant them the promised jobs.

The CAUG states that the number of unemployed graduates in the country has increased under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration and is now over 42,000.

Media Coordinator of CAUG, Dhammika Munasinghe has issued a statement saying that the 2012 budget is yet another “sugar coated” budget similar to those presented in previous years.

According to the CAUG, the government’s continuous pledges throughout the years to provide thousands of employment opportunities to unemployed graduates have not been honored.

“The government that has increased state expenditure by 15% and the allocations for the ministries under the First Family has failed to provide employment promised to the unemployed graduates,” the Association pointed out.

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