Urgent need for city and suburban road maintenance

A recent news item stated that India would soon insist that a proper political solution should be found for the East and the North. In fact the article said that a time limit of six months had been given , in the same news paper it was also recorded that the Diaspora would try to influence Russia and China to also be influenced to take a stand in support of the recent much talked of Darusman report . Given that often news reporting tends to be sensational yet maybe there is some truth in what the reports state considering that our diplomats are apparently not that versed in the niceties of diplomacy. Many are political appointees and have little or no training in the nuances of diplomacy perhaps the authorities should consider leadership training in diplomacy for all those who are not career diplomats. But whatever the actual situation be regarding international issues there are so many issues in the country that would need greater attention especially since we have so many ministers handling so few a number of subjects, in fact very often their functions overlap so much so that one does not know which Minister is really responsible.

While a great deal of expenditure is spent on infra-structural development in preparation for the much hoped for tourist boom, yet it also appears that funds have been obtained for the infrastructural development of Colombo and its immediate suburbs.

The Kottawa-Maharagama road is yet in disrepair while the magnificent highway is being built, and when that will be completed is anybody’s guess! Then the road leading to the Sri Jayewardene hospital is no better, in fact a patient taken by ambulance with sirens blaring along that road risks injuring another limb on that journey for the road is not smooth but full of ruts and damaged in many places. (After all I have the personal experience in traveling on that road in an ambulance and excruciating pain I suffered by that journey is yet fresh in my mind). In Colombo itself the roads leading to the private hospitals car park are in such bad condition that it is no wonder many opt to park their vehicles outside and risk getting charged by the ever vigilant traffic police. If those by ways are used to get to a hospital to get a bone x-ray, chances are that another bone will be broken!

Then haphazardly roads are damaged to give water lines to new houses that are being built in many area and neither the Road authority or the connected local authority is concerned about filling up the road that has been dug up, each says its not their responsibility or that there is no machinery available to attend to the work and so vehicles crawl along to avoid falling into the ridges. This situation occurred recently on Kirimandala road and it took the authorities quite some time to fill up the drain that had been cut across the road. Again if one travels to the Jatika Pola or the byways behind it leading to Maitland Crescent one will find innumerable bumpers stretching across the roads ostensibly to prevent fast driving , and these unlit bumpers can cause immeasurable damage to vehicles that traverse these roads especially at night.

Perhaps it might be of greater help to the commuters who have to traverse these roads if those responsible for their  maintenance does a walk around without travelling in high speed Prados and official vehicles and attends to these repairs so that at least a person can travel for work or to a hospital without jeopardy to his health and peace of mind.

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