US ambassador meets Malwatta Mahanayaka Thero.

sri lankan pandit

The US Ambassador for Sri Lanka, Michelle J. Sison met with the Mahanayaka of the Malwatta Chapter, Ven. Thibbetuwawe Sri Sumangala this morning (April 4) in order to extend her wishes for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The Mahanayaka Thero has told Ambassador Sison that inaccurate information regarding the country had been spread abroad and said that it was important to ascertain the truth in the reports.

The Mahanayaka Thero had also said that there is no truth to reports claiming that Buddhist monks were engaged in activities against other religions.

Noting that there are groups in every religion that tarnish the whole community, the Mahanayaka Thero has further said that it is wrong to presume or condone that an entire community is commiting such acts, only based on the actions of a few.

Sison expressed her respect for the Mahanayaka Thero’s views and ensured that the US will continue to provide the support it has extended to Sri Lanka in the past.

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