US welcomes lifting emergency regulations in Sri Lanka

Aug 25, Colombo: The United States today welcomed Sri Lanka President’s decision to lift the emergency regulations in the country imposed on and off since 1971.

A statement released by the United States Embassy in Colombo said the move is a significant step to normalize life in the country which did not experience any terrorist activities since the end of the war against Tamil Tiger terrorists in May 2009.

“The United States welcomes President Rajapaksa’s announcement in Parliament that the Emergency Regulations will lapse at the end of August. This is a significant step towards normalizing life for the people of Sri Lanka, and reflects more than two years without terrorist activity after the defeat of the LTTE,” the Embassy said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa Thursday announced that there is no need to administer the government under the state of emergency any longer as security in the country has now been consolidated.

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