WCF 2014: Higher education sphere to benefit


:The country’s higher education sphere will benefit when Sri Lanka hosts the World Conference on Youth 2014 (WCY) in May, University Grants Commission Chairperson Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama said.

She said this conference, being held in an Asian country for the first time, is a valuable opportunity to attract more international students to our universities.

Hirimburegama said the youth participants from various parts of the world could be made aware on the opportunities they have here to pursue higher education.

She said the cultural and educational exchanges made during this conference would be of importance to local youth delegates as well. Hirimburegama said the international exposure our youth participants get through this conference, would help them to step on to improve themselves further with confidence in the future. She noted the experiences gained by organising the Commonwealth Youth Forum last November would help to hold this conference on a satisfactory note. “The youth are the future of any nation. They are the future leaders.

It is always good to allow youth in different cultures to mix, so that they can learn a great deal by their interactions while cultivating new friendships all over the world. These platforms will enhance their knowledge and awareness on current issues,” she said. Commenting on the theme of the conference ‘Youth in the post 2015 development agenda’, she said the youth play a central role in development, adding that not only physical development, but also attitudinal development should be given equal attention.

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