Why SL and Pakistan vulnerable to Int. pressure?

Pakistan was the principal country that raised protests on behalf of Sri Lanka (SL) against the UN panel report at the UN human rights Council (UNHRC) . Pakistan had always been a country on the side of SL in trials and triumphs. Pakistan confirmed this again at the UN human rights Council (UNHRC) :  ‘the International community must support national efforts to win peace in Sri Lanka , ‘said  Pakistans Ambassador Zamir Akram speaking on behalf of the Organization of Islamic conference. Akram was quoted by Agency reports , as saying that ‘the report by the office of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was primarily based on second hand information that was never verified ….’

Some time prior to the appointment of the panel by Ban Ki-moon to investigate SL war crimes ,a parallel panel was appointed at the behest of Pakistan to investigate the assassination of its Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Former Indonesias Attorney General Marzuki Darusman was a member of the Pakistan panel while he was a member of the SL panel as well. Unlike the SL Govt. however, the Govt. of Pakistan requested Ban Ki-moon to appoint a panel to investigate Bhutto’s murder. Accordingly, after the report was compiled, the Pakistan Govt. decided to mete out punishment under the laws to those liable for the crime. But so far Bhutto’s assassination remains an unsolved murder despite the report having been released some time ago. Pakistan Govt. disbursed US $ 5 million to secure  the report of the UN panel appointed to investigate Bhutto’s murder. In relation to SL however, Ban KI Moon appointed a panel to investigate SL’s war crimes despite SL Govt.’s opposition to it. Pakistan which accepted the UN panel report pertaining to Bhutto’s assassination has however sought to reject the UN panel report based on investigations into SL war crimes. Each of these two panels was comprised of three members, and Marzuki Darusman was appointed a member in both panels.

Pakistan Govt. is supposedly reluctant to take action based on the UN panel report because the latter levels charges against  its Security division and  secret espionage services for alleged shielding of the terrorist Organizations  . At that time, Zardari, husband of Benazir Bhutto accused that the first Govt. of the  PPP party of Bhutto ,and which is now in power was paid monies  by Bin Laden , the leader of Al Qaeda to overthrow that Govt.  and charges were levelled that Bin Laden was behind Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Yet, during the tenure of office of Zardari’s Govt.  ,the secretive  nucleus  of the Pakistan ‘s security in Abbottabad served as a hideout  for Bin Laden.

Both SL and Pakistan are under International pressure because of their wrongdoings. If Pakistan had effectively controlled terrorism in that country, America would not have ventured to trespass on Pakistans air space and kill Bin Laden by aerial attack. Now, Pakistan is gripped with the fear psychosis that India too may intrude into its air space like America and aerially launch attacks on the terrorist hideouts within its territory. Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir threatened India that there would be  a ‘catastrophic’ response if India were to attempt an Abbottobad operation.

But the armed assault and siege carried out by the Tehrik e Taliban on highly secured Pakistan Navy’s Meheran Air base in Karachi has raised fundamental concerns about the continuing failure on the part of Pakistan’s intelligence and security agencies , including the Army to pre-empt and prevent such attacks on its military  and intelligence infra structure and personnel. This failure raises doubts about the State’s capability to protect its nuclear infrastructure from terrorist networks which have grown considerably in their strength , capability and experience since 2007. The attack raises serious questions about Pakistans capability to protect its strategic assets, including the nuclear facilities. An attack of this magnitude on nuclear power stations and other nuclear facilities could prove to be cataclysmic. The fact that the terrorists chose to specifically destroy two  PC –Orion 3 maritime Reconnaissance aircraft parked at the Naval base reveal their intention to damage military assets and expose security vulnerabilities. At least three nuclear weapons facilities – at Wah, Sargodha and Kamra – have in the recent past been attacked by terrorist groups.

The biggest fear and threat besetting India today is the monumental cataclysms  that can be precipitated in the event of Pakistans nuclear power passing into the hands of  that country’s terrorist groups. America too harbors that apprehension. Pakistan is being blamed internationally because the Pakistan Govt. is not making a concerted effort to  combat terrorism .

As regards SL , international pressure is mounting against it , since it has not progressed duly on  the reconciliation process after the conclusion of the war. India is apprehensive that this might militate against the political climate of Tamil nadu and de -stabilize it , while Americas concern is , it can constitute a threat to the security in that region.

In the circumstances, if Pakistan engages duly in the task of annihilating terrorism in that country , and SL establishes reconciliation among all ethnic communities duly , the need for these countries to kowtow or subjugate to international pressures will not arise.

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