World Bank Sri Lanka calls applications for Civil Society Fund 2011 grants

Apr 09, Colombo: The World Bank Colombo Office invites registered civil society organizations in Sri Lanka to submit applications for the Civil Society Fund 2011.

The theme for the Civil Society Fund 2011 (CSF 2011) is “Gender and Demographic Transition in Sri Lanka”.

Applications are sought for projects that promote public awareness on the social relations between men and women (discriminatory against women’s participation in the economy) that would need to be addressed for Sri Lanka to manage the demographic transition effectively.

A press release from the World Bank Sri Lankan says demographic transition is not merely about the aging population; policies and programs need to focus on providing the skills and jobs to the youth, in a way that they can be economically productive in the changing socio-economic context.

“Given the lower participation of women in the labor-force, there is a gender dimension in this regard. We need to promote women to acquire appropriate skills and be more active in the economy, which would also improve their financial security in their old age,” the release noted.

“Sri Lanka needs to act now to take advantage of the “demographic dividend”, that is, investing in the working age population, especially young women, given the current high unemployment rate of women,” said Diarietou Gaye, World Bank Country Director for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Grants of up to US$10,000 will be awarded this year, for each successful project proposal. The deadline for submission of applications is May 7, 2011.

Projects will be assessed by their;

  • Innovation: novelty of proposed ideas.
  • Sustainability: of the organization in the community. ability to demonstrate sustainability of proposed activities through collaborations with other public/private sector organizations.
  • Effectiveness and Significance: Ability of the project to make a difference to the community it proposes to support and a clear mechanism to report expected results.
  • Feasibility: show a practical approach with a realistic timeline and budget.
  • Organizational Capacity: indicate the skills and capability of the organizations staff and any previous experience of handling similar project(s).
  • Credibility: reputation

The CSF cannot fund research programs, formal academic training programs, ongoing institutional core support (such as equipment unrelated to the activity), scholarships, fellowships, study programs, individuals applying on their own behalf, or organizations not registered as civil society organizations.

Proposed activities should not compete with or substitute for regular World Bank instruments; they should be clearly distinguishable from the Bank’s regular programs.

Applications for the Civil Society Fund and a small booklet titled “Short Course on Proposal Writing” in English, Sinhala, and Tamil will be available at the reception of the World Bank’s Colombo Office, 73/5, Galle Road, Colombo 3 and on their website at

To receive copies of the application form by e-mail and for more information on the CSF, send an email to or click on the link below to download all application material from this website in all three languages.

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