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Channel 4; paid to tarnish image of Sri Lanka-

By Shehanli Waduge

As in all aspects of their actions and words, C4 and their government have double standards. It’s one rule for them and another for those who do not follow their diktat.

Heshan Peiris

We must live in peace: KP

By A.P. Mathan

This man took such a long time to realize that all must live in harmony.


Enough to meet everyone’s need not greed.

Our country is not immune to this type of disaster if 85 percent of our wealth is in the hands of the few. When open vulgar displays of this opulence is seen everyday at 5 star hotels, and this wealthy mob driving expensive cars and showing off. These people have no conscience. Have a look at those poor Sinhalese and Tamil People trying to scrape the land to eke a living in the north, and the east and even the wilds outside Hambantota. I cry for my people.

Ruwan Basnayake

Rightwing extremists hijack Christ

By Ameen Izzadeen

What happened in Norway was more than tragic. But why does a normal guy react like this. What we refuse to look at is that it is normal for a Norwegian to look and expect his country to look and be as it was when he was a kid. If a private person does not want multiculturalism it is fine. It is difficult for most Muslims to realize that ordinary Europeans do not want to have minarettes taller than a church steeple, they do not want to have strangely clothed persons in their area, different customs, sound etc. There is nothing wrong in this. After all you do not have churches built in Turkey or Egypt. There is percentage of Christians there for that matter in Pakistan too. You can’t have everything in the land that you wanted to adopt without putting in something too.


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