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UN on a political witch hunt?

Mismanaged? What you are saying is that the LTTE should have lived through. This is a ploy of the Tamils (Especially the diaspora and Politicians of the TNA) to make GOSL (Especially President) to reel so that they could dictate terms. UN is soon becoming a Private Organization living up to the expectations of Vested Countries ,Politicians Terrorist Backers ( Tamil Diaspora)


The GOSL should have responded to the report instead of protesting and now have to face the consequences.


The global economy is in serious trouble, natural disasters are happening around the world, Arab uprisings are on in middle east. Riots taking place in UK and Obama is fighting for his political life. So what is the most urgent priority for UN, US, UK and the West than take over Sri Lanka and punish MR and his brother’s all for winning the war against LTTE.


LTTE was a key sponsor of Hilary Clinton’s campaigns through various front organizations and individuals, and they were given front seats in Clinton’s campaign meetings. Not to mention the fact that Clinton was $30M in debt, and LTTE had the money. Raj Rajaratnam was their big ace shown to Hilary. At the last stage of war, LTTE reached to Hilary to rescue them. Hilary tried in vein, but failed and it made her very angry. Then it made her direct her resources and powers to haunt Sri Lanka every way possible.

First attempt was trying to block the IMF loan. She failed after few attempts making her even more angry and embarrased. Then she directed various CIA fronts and other State Department individuals against SL.

Sanjee Perera

Are visitor’s rights violated at Sigiriya?

Government is talking about improving tourism. Sigiriya is one such attraction. This information is timely for the government to take action and prevent such occurrance in the future. If no action is taken ASAP it could be evidence of the governments’ lethagic, talk only attitude.

Ram Perera

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